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    My second (and much better) blog

  2. inkskinned:

    well basically it’s the last day to vote for me here @inkskinned for best social media author 

    it means a lot to me if you do - enough that the following things are now true:

    • a vote = i follow you back on twitter+tumblr 
    • reblog and a vote = followed and u r entered to win in a cute little giveaway where i literally mail you my notebook, doodles and poems and all (is that even what you want?? idk but part of it is pictured above)
    • reblog, vote, 5 + people vote bc of ur beautiful soul (try making a post on fb maybe? idk how to get people to do ANYTHING that’s why i’m doing this) = entered to win, followed, and u get a poem based on ur blog!!!
    • reblog, vote, 10 + peeps = followed, entered, poem and a doodle of ur url/whatever else u want, a kiss on ur cheek if you’re comfortable w/dat

    if u already did the thing don’t worry i pay attention you’re already on the list u.u

    thank you all so much wow just wow

  3. crepitate:


    First things first, only the signed items included in here are ours. The rest are from the sellers we are buying them off. Everything is being purchased online as it is cheap and affordable for us.

    Here are the rules.

    Must be following Arvin and Harry, as it is a follower giveaway after all.

    We will be checking if the winner is following us.

    Likes do not count.

    We will not be personally picking a winner, we will be using a random selection method. So don’t bribe us with kind messages.

    The more you reblog will not guarantee you a win, but it will help.

    The date for choosing the winner is not yet set. We will be informing you by next week.

    The giveaway includes everything in the pictures. Here are the other pictures.

    The giveaway includes

    *      We the Kings

    (2) WTK Hoodie

    (5) WTK Shirt (1 Signed)

    WTK Pin

    (4) WTK Baller

    WTK Key Necklace

    WTK Poster (Signed)

    *      Panic! At the Disco

    (4) PATTD Shirt (1 Signed)

    (2) PATTD Shoes

    (3) PATTD Hoodie (1 Signed)

    (2) PATTD Sweater (1 Signed)

    (2) PATTD Necklace

    PATTD Bonnet

    (3) PATTD iPhone (4s&5) Case

    (3) PATTD Baller

    PATTD Tank Top

    PATTD Poster (Signed)

    *      Two Door Cinema Club

    (5) 2DCC Shirt (1 Signed)

    (2) 2DCC Tank Top

    2DCC Beacon Album (Signed)

    2DCC iPhone (4s&5) Case

    (3) 2DCC Baller

    2DCC Bracelet

    (2) 2DCC Pin

    2DCC Poster

    *      Capital Cities

    (2) CC Shirt

    CC Life-sized Poster (Signed)

    CC Album (Complete Set)

    *      Pierce the Veil

    (7) PTV Shirt (2 Signed)

    (2) PTV Shoes

    (2) PTV Necklace

    (4) PTV Hoodie

    (2) PTV Baller

    (2) PTV Cap

    (2) PTV Bonnet

    (2) PTV iPhone (4s&5) Case

    PTV Bow

    PTV Album (Complete Set; Signed)

    PTV Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

    PTV Tank Top

    *      Sleeping with the Sirens

    (11) SWS Shirt (3 Signed)

    (5) SWS Hoodie

    SWS Sweater

    SWS Bonnet

    SWS Cap

    (3) SWS Shoes

    SWS Tank Top

    (2) SWS Baller

    SWS Necklace

    SWS Album (Complete Set; Signed)

    SWS Life-sized Poster (Signed)

    *      All Time Low

    (7) ATL Necklace (Guitar picks; 4 Signed)

    (7) ATL Shirt (1 Signed)

    (3) ATL Shoes

    (5) ATL Hoodie (2 Signed)

    (4) ATL Baller

    ATL Alex Gaskarth Baller

    (4) ATL Bracelet (1 for each member)

    ATL Cap

    ATL Complete Album Set (Don’t Panic and Nothing Personal are signed)

    ATL Life-sized Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

    *      5 Seconds of Summer

    (2) 5SOS Sweater (Including the Christmas sweater)

    (2) 5SOS Hoodie

    (8) 5SOS Shirt

    5SOS Shirt+Skirt+Shoes

    (3) 5SOS Bonnet

    5SOS Cap

    5SOS Bag

    5SOS Bracelet

    (2) 5SOS Necklace

    (2) 5SOS iPhone (4s&5) Case

    5SOS Scarf

    (14) 5SOS Pin

    5SOS Shorts (The pink thingy)

    5SOS Tank Top

    5SOS Life-sized Individual Poster (Signed)

    5SOS Album (Signed)

    *      Of Mice and Men

    (8) OM&M Shirt (2 Signed)

    (2) OM&M Hoodie

    (3) OM&M Tank Top

    (2) OM&M Shoes

    OM&M Baller

    OM&M Bow

    (2) OM&M iPhone (4s&5) Case

    OM&M Keychain

    OM&M Poster (Signed)

    *      Bring Me the Horizon

    (11) BMTH Shirt (3 Signed)

    (4) BMTH Hoodie (1 Signed)

    BMTH Tank Top

    BMTH Necklace

    BMTH Pin

    BMTH Bonnet

    BMTH Album (Complete set; Signed)

    BMTH Life-sized Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

    *      Mayday Parade

    (2) MP Tank Top

    (10) MP Shirt (4 Signed)

    (5) MP Baller

    MP Sweater

    MP Hoodie

    (2) MP Shoes

    MP iPhone (4s&5) Case

    MP Album (Complete set; Signed)

    MP Poster (Signed)

    *      Simple Plan

    (10) SP Shirt (1 Signed)

    (3) SP Hoodie

    (5) SP Baller

    (6) SP Pin

    SP Necklace

    SP Cap

    (2) SP Shoes (1 Signed)

    SP iPhone (4s&5) Case

    SP Poster (Signed)

    *      The 1975

    (2) T1975 Hoodie

    (4) T1975 Shirt

    (2) T1975 Tank Top

    T1975 Debut Album (Signed)

    *      Nirvana

    (4) N Hoodie (1 Signed)

    (7) N Shirt (1 Signed)

    N Tumbler

    N Necklace

    (2) N Bonnet

    N Shoes (Signed)

    N Wallet

    N Album (Complete set; Signed)

    N Life-sized Poster (Signed)

    *      The Maine

    (13) TM Shirt (5 Signed)

    (2) TM Sweater

    (2) TM Necklace

    (2) TM Baller

    (2) TM Hoodie

    TM iPhone (4s&5) Case

    TM Album (Complete set; Signed)

    TM Life-sized Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

    *      Fall Out Boy

    (13) FOB Shirt (7 Signed)

    (3) FOB Hoodie

    (2) FOB Sweater

    FOB Baller

    (2) FOB Bracelet

    FOB Necklace

    FOB Cap

    FOB Alarm Clock

    FOB iPhone (4s&5) Case

    FOB Tank Top

    FOB Album (Complete set; Signed)

    FOB Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

    *      Paramore

    (21) P Shirt (7 Signed)

    (3) P Tank Top

    P Bonnet

    P Hoodie

    (3) P Shoes

    P Necklace

    (5) P Baller

    P Album (Complete set; Signed)

    (4) P Poster (4 Signed)

    *      You Me At Six

    (4) YM@6 Sweater (1 Signed)

    (2) YM@6 Hoodie

    (7) YM@6 Shirt (1 Signed)

    YM@6 Bag

    YM@6 Tank Top

    YM@6 Bonnet

    YM@6 Necklace

    YM@6 Poster (Signed)

    YM@6 Album (Complete set; Signed)

    *      Blink 182

    (2) B182 Sweater

    (8) B182 Shirt (1 Signed)

    (3) B182 Baller

    (2) B182 Hoodie

    B182 Bag

    B182 Shoes

    B182 Bonnet

    B182 Scarf

    B182 iPhone (4s&5) Case

    B182 Album (Complete Set; Signed)

    B182 Poster

    And we’re also giving away some of our personal stuff.

    Canon Camera

    Loser and Mickey Mouse Sweater

    Abercrombie Checkered Shirt

    Leather Boots

    Tribal Winter Jacket

    and a Guitar

    And that is all. For the typos, I am sorry mates.

    Again, likes do not count and we would be checking if you really follow us. 

    We ship worldwide and we’ll pay for the shipping fee.

    Message us if you have any more questions.

    Good luck everyone and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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  4. screams:

my blog will make you horny ;)


    my blog will make you horny ;)

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  5. stillimperfect:

Greatest couple, ever.


    Greatest couple, ever.

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  6. tearinupourhearts:


    song: B5 - “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf”

    what is life???!!!

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  7. m-osaic:

one of my favourite pictures ever



    one of my favourite pictures ever


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  8. Love these glasses!  (Taken with instagram)

    Love these glasses! (Taken with instagram)

  9. Mustache mania! (Taken with instagram)

    Mustache mania! (Taken with instagram)

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